Hallo, I’m Roger Sanders,

I am a Traditional Storyteller, Actor, Musician, Teacher, Tarot Reader and creator of live musical soundscapes.

The Tarot…
I offer Tarot readings to help create clarity and understanding in our lives, to help us shine a light on the paths we travel and to approach challenges in new and creative ways. The Tarot is a beautiful tool for this and as a traditional storyteller I appreciate its rich archetypal heritage. To this I bring an approach to the Tarot that is also intuitive and conversational ware we can explore its meaning together.

Music and sound can takes us on remarkable internal journeys and can be a profoundly relaxing aid to the release of stress in our minds, bodies and spirits. I play the Swiss Hang drum, Didgeridoo, Sansula, Guitar and various Percussion instruments for this purpose for individuals, groups and classes, such as Yoga sessions and meditation.

I can tell you and your friends a story! Stories are for the young and old and everyone in between. For thousands of years we’ve sat and listened to them, entranced by their magic, drama, humour and message, as they speak to our souls. My tales are mostly traditional European and Middle

Eastern and are accompanied by live music. I can perform indoors, outdoors, day or night, in the park or your back garden, around a fire, as in the days of old. I can also create a special space with rugs, cushions, candles etc for extra ambience!

All or some of what I have to offer can be combined, of course….Have fun!

Contact Roger
E. stories@clear.net.nz
Ph. 03 548 4737 or 027 506 4617

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