LISA'S COSMIC STORY... As I've gone on this journey of yoga, Reiki and creativity, pieces of my cosmic story have fallen into place. Here is the story that I've dreamed up thus far (it's not your everday bio, so you may need to activate your imagination and open your mind to the realm of possibility for this!). Story commencing.... now!
From the most beautiful of lights we came. Angels! All different and yet all shining with shades of that same light. We were made of light. We created many things and one day I was born into the world that we had made. Into a body! I was born into a place called Lyra. But the story of this place was well underway and whilst only a baby, Lyra was invaded and the Lyrans left. Some of us were taken in by a very special race, the Arcturians.
I was raised with the Arcturians as my extended family, my mentors, my friends. The story was not over however and it was time for us to step up and help with a great mission- ascension, namely, Earth ascension. We were part of a group who came to Earth to build Atlantis in the hopes that this civilisation might offer enough of the higher vibration for Gaia to transition smoothly. It didn't work quite that way, but the process of ascension did begin. After Atlantis, the ascension was approached differently.

Take two! The Star Seed program. I volunteered for this and was born into a human body, entering the cycle of rebirth, learning great lessons and helping Gaia by walking the journey with her, at her pace. I remember three lives on Earth.
Life one- as an American Indian. Gaia was just beginning to release the first parts of hurt held inside. We travelled south and crossed a great ocean to bring us to Aotearoa. We had heard the call and people from all over the world had taken to the sea to come to this great meeting, the formation of the Waitaha people.
Life two- Gaia's hurt was being well and truly released. This lifetime included the hollocaust. I was a dancer and did not cope terribly well with the conflict between my physical life and my inner life. Being my second incarnation things were much more confused.
Life three- now. Here I am again in Aotearoa. The young me felt isolated. I discovered Yoga, Reiki and the creative force of theatre. These things, along with travel to places with special vibrations and encounters with incredible people helped me to open and travel inwards to the truth that I carry. To my inner light. I believe that every single person here on Earth has a light, their own incredible light, inside of them. I am committed to shining my light and helping others to see and shine theirs.
You are an exquisite being, you have a story, perhaps we can start to discover this together. All love and light on your journey. Get in touch anytime if you would like a little help. Your sister, Lisa Allan

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