Interview with Isaac Thomas

Q. What is your name?

A. Isaac William Thomas, I'm still waiting for a nickname! For some reason people love to spell my name Issac.

Q. What do you love most about family?

A. I come from a family of ten, so my favorite type of familial connection comes from large gatherings like Christmas and Birthdays. Of course that extends to friends as well!.

Q. What training/ experiences led you to performance?

A. I fell in love with musical theatre at a young age and performed as often as I could. When I finished College I was lucky enough to have caught the eye of Dan and Lisa Allan who took me under their wing and helped me learn and grow with their company Body In Space. Now I'm an independent performer making a name for myself in Wellington as an Actor, Musician, Writer and Improviser.


Q. What comes to mind when you think about mountains?

A. I've always enjoyed the phrase 'Making a mountain out of a mole hill' as it just goes to show how important different perspectives can be in our life. What may seem like an impossible mountain may in fact be a short hop, skip and a jump when looking through another perspective, whether that be out own or someone else's.

Q. What are your thoughts about 'voice'?

A. I think 'voice' can be a very broad term. One can have a voice without speaking or evening making a sound. A voice is how you choose to express yourself and your ideas. A voice is a way of understanding other peoples views without needing to speak the same language.


Q. What are your thoughts on the world?

A. The world is changing as it always has. As long as we keep an open mind and an open heart I think we'll be alright.

Q. How do your feel about this play?

A. I love this play!

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