Interview with Kath Mitchell- director

Q. What is your name?

A. Katherine Eleanor Mitchell. As a child I was called Katie or Kate, then I turned into a Katherine in my teens. In my 30’s people started calling me Kath. None of these changes were initiated by be. I just answer to many names.

Q. What is your family history?

A. On my Mother’s side, there is English, Scottish, Swiss-French and a dash of Hungarian. MyFather’s side is less known, but mostly Scottish. I’m third generation Aotearoa. Lots of myancestors and relations were/are involved in the arts, ministry, teaching and counselling.

Q. What was your favourite class at drama school?

A. I trained at Toi Whakaari many moons ago. My favourite class was clowning—the wise fool, if you can’t laugh about life, the tears will overwhelm you. Our clown dwells in the innocence, truth, beauty and hilarity of life. Each person’s clown is a unique expression of these qualities.

Q. Do you have a special relationship with the mountains?

A. After my Father died we were driving back from the funeral through the central Plateau. Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu were standing with dignity. I had a sudden and profound feeling that my father had become these mountains.

Q. What are your thoughts about 'voice'?

A. All of creation has a voice. Voices comes from the heart. We can express this voice in somany amazing ways—through our bodies, visually, with words and sound, and in silencelistening and simply being. Our voices shared together are powerful. Our intention shapesour expression in the world. What do you want to say?


Q. What are your thoughts on the world?

A. I had the incredible good fortune to meet the Dalai Lama recently. He spoke to us about
remembering our shared humanity, and looking for this in everyone—especially when we
see things differently! The Dalai Lama radiates love, humility and strength. It was a blessing
just to be in his presence. He inspires me to do whatever I can to augment love and well-
being for all creatures and the earth. Everyone seeks happiness. Everyone struggles. There
is so much suffering and infinite love in the world. We all have gifts to share—offer them.

Q. What is your hope for this play?

A. This play is inspired and co-created with the hearts and voices of many. I hope that the stories will resonate and inspire you to live a brave, vulnerable, wholly embracing,expressive, connected and joyful life! Thanks so much for your interest.

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