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Pranayama- the art of breathing
Tuesdays, 22nd Mar - 19th Apr, 6pm - 7.15pm. Cost: $70
Connect with the ancient yogic practice of pranayama in this five week course. We will invite our bodies to open and expand with our breath. Breathing well creates a solid foundation for our yoga practice and for approaching everyday life with gentle confidence. We will explore a variety of pranayama exercises that will enable us to breathe deeply, efficiently and consciously. Throughout the course we will put our pranayama into practice, moving fresh oxygen through our bodies to replenish each of our cells. With a healthy dose of oxygen, our cells are supported to do their job in an optimal way.  This course is recommended for anyone wishing to deepen their connection to their breath and to themselves. We will work to increase our lung capacity and overall awareness of how the breath and the body work together. Join Lisa in this nourishing, foundational and replenishing 5 week course. This class is limited to 10 people.
Essential Yoga- relaxing with oils
Thursdays, 24th Mar - 21st Apr, 6 - 7.15pm. Cost: $70
In this deeply restorative class, we will connect with a collection of very pure, healing doTERRA essential oils. Each of our restorative poses will be coupled with a beautiful oil and a loving intention. This is a class designed for ultimate relaxation, for you to connect deeply to yourself and for you to receive any healing that you need through these intuitive and special oils. This is time for you, to be with you, to nurture you and to connect to the very essence of your being. 
This class is limited to 5 people only.

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