Reiki is an incredible tool for healing oneself, others and the world around us. Reiki means 'universal energy'. The training opens us up to being a channel for this energy. It teaches us how to use this energy and gives us guidance and support on our journey as unfolding beings of light. You are an exquisite being, the time to shine is now! Your Wintergreen Creative teacher is Lisa Allan. The style that Lisa teaches is Usui Reiki. Please get in touch if you have any questions at all.
Reiki Level II: Cost: $150
Please register interest | Nelson, NZ


Learn symbols that enhance Reiki in your practice. You will learn how to heal people from a distance, including your younger and past life selves. You will also look at healing the mental and emotional body. You will receive a Level II certification and will be able to receive money in exchange for Reiki, if you feel ready to move to this place.


Reiki Level III: Cost: $150
Please register interest | Nelson, NZ


Learn the Reiki Master symbol. This takes you further along your path as a healer. You will learn an energy activation method and how to clear and charge crystals. You will receive your Reiki III certification. This is a residential (overnight) course that we're trialing for the first time.

Reiki Level I: Cost: $150

Please register interest | Nelson, NZ


Understand the principles and history of Reiki. Learn the basic format for self healing and healing others. Open yourself up as a channel for light energy. Give and receive a healing. You will receive Level I certification and be able to practice Reiki on yourselves and for friends and family members.
Reiki Master/ Teacher
One-on-One Training, $1000
Go deeper into your journey as a Reiki practitioner and be guided through the teaching process. You will receive this final certification that allows you to pass the gift of Reiki onto others!
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. -Nikola Tesla

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