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Reiki & Yoga Treatments
Reiki Treatment (one-on-one)
by appointment
Relax, release and rejuvenate with a Reiki treatment. Take time out for yourself with this very gentle, intuitive and nurturing healing practice. Talk with Lisa about a specific focus for your session or simply relax and trust the process. Lisa will place her hands on or just above certain parts of your body and the energy will flow to where it is needed.
Sessions are:
1hr: $70
1hr 15: $85
1hr 30: $100
50 minute option: MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL TREATMENT, $50
Choose a mental or emotional issue that is presenting itself in your life at the moment and bring it into your conscious awareness. By doing this, we release resistance to what is there and bring healing to it through accepting its presence and offering the support of Reiki. The treatment finishes with a cleansing and grounding sequence.
About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word that means 'Universal Energy.' Everything is this life is vibrating. During a healing session, Reiki works to meet the vibrational needs of the body and mind. Reiki is good for people who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic imbalances. Reiki is gentle, relaxing and deeply nurturing.

Lisa is a hands-on pracitioner and she promises to take good care of you. You are a beautiful being. You are everything you secretly hope to be. Reiki is a lovely tool to help you be your best, most vibrant self.


Interested in learning Reiki for yourself? Find out about training dates here!
Essential Yoga (one-on-one)
by appointment
Be deeply nurtured as you are guided into beautifully supported and restorative yoga poses. Lisa will get you comfy and you will close your eyes and drift away as she applies essential oils to your body, sings to you and allows Reiki to flow through her hands, into your body. A very special treat!
Sessions are 1.5 hrs long. Cost: $100.
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