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Lisa and Dan have been delivering training to QX LTD since 2017. As a result of this, the couple have developed a number of training units for you to choose from. Alternatively,  they can create something new based on your desired outcomes. 

The training is practical, experiential and applicable immediately. 


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Wintergreen Creative director, Lisa Allan, has teamed up with her husband, Dan Allan, to form The Allan Co. This is  a company that specialises in teaching soft skills to organisations. The ability to connect and communicate with those around us is vital to any organisation's success. Lisa and Dan have decades of experience to offer. The duo use their training in theatre and wellness to deliver topics such as:

-Empathy Training

-Managing Emotions

-Storytelling for Creativity & Teamwork

-Inspiring Others

-Communicating Bad News

-Public Speaking

-Managing Stress

-Deep Listening 

-Accepting & Offering Ideas

-Extempore Public Speaking

-Body Language

-Making Others Look Good

-Creativity, Imagination, Play & Laughter

-Taking the Fear out of Failure

-Risk-taking, Courage, Trust & Support

-Sustainable Health Practices

-Rest, Restore & Reflect: an oasis for busy people

-Self-awareness/ Mindfulness

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