Interview with Tanya Nock

Q. What is your name?

A. Tanya Rachael Nock

Q. Do you have a nickname?

A. Have been known as Taniannie, Tan, Tans- Loving names chosen by others….too embarrassed to reveal other nicknames lol!!!

Q. What is your family history?

A. Nelson is the place I feel is home. I was born in Devon UK of a British father. My mother is South Indian but she was born and grew up in Uganda.

Q. What training/ experiences led you to performance?

A. I was drawn to an Arts college specializing in Music Art and Theatre set in the beautiful countryside of Devon. The College was created by progressive pioneers who were inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s non-conventional school in India. I arrived with the intention to study classical violin performance but left with a degree in composition and World music and then went on to take a Post Grad in education at Exeter University and have enjoyed collaborating on community arts projects since.

Q. What comes to mind when you think about mountains?

A. When I think about a mountain I imagine it’s stability, solidity and firmness. My Grandfather was an accountant and worked for a coffee plantation in Uganda at the Rwenzori mountains – I’ve always loved their nickname “Mountains of the Moon”.

Q. What are your thoughts about 'voice'?

A. I believe using your voice is a right, however I like to be constantly aware of the words that leave my mouth. A voice is a human gift and the only pure instrument. It has notes that no other instrument has. I love how singing can change your emotional landscape.


Q. What is your aspiration for the world?

A. My aspiration is for every one to be able to access food water shelter and love.

Q. What words does this play conjure up for you?

A. Collaboration, India, voices, environment – all these things are so close to my heart. I’m very excited. It has my name well and truly there! (but I may need some stage coaching)

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