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CUSP is a brand new improvised theatre troupe that is set to entertain and uplift your whole family. CUSP stands for Courageous, Uplifting, Spontaneous Performance. The team are currently taking a break but during the 2020 Covid lockdown we created a series of online improvised episodes as part of our space station series, The Outer Reach.

It is the year 2029. The SS (Space Station) Outer Reach lies between the asteroid belt and Jupiter, and takes many months to travel to. Its purpose is to search the limits of the Solar System for intelligent life, via transmission and collection of satellite data (yes, this is stolen directly from Ad Astra). The station is peopled with an international crew who are on a two year rotation and all have different skills to keep the station ticking over. The station always seems to be in lockdown, meaning that the crew must communicate from their separate silos through an intercom, which can either be set to one-on-one, or conference mode.

Come join the CUSP Improvisation troupe for their first online adventure. You will be asked to give a suggestion about why the SS is on lockdown this week and our MC will choose one to use in the show. The crew will then improvise their latest episode of The Outer Reach, live and online for your viewing pleasure. You are invited to make comments on the Facebook feed and to connect to your fellow audience members. It's a chance for community to come together at this time of isolation.

Give us your ideas and feedback on how the show comes across. We will be using ZOOM and Facebook Live to broadcast directly from the SS to your computer. You will meet the crew and see an original lockdown story unfold. Together we go into the unknown!!


​CUSP - going into the unknown since 2020.

CUSP logo draft.jpg
The Outer Reach (pilot episode) Poster.j

Your Outer Reach cast was:

Jade Alborn

Dan Allan

Lisa Allan

Glenn Cousins

Gina Foley

Fleur Jackson

with Laura Irish & Wiremu Tuhiwai

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