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Wintergreen Creative, CUSP 2, Lisa Allan
Improvisation teaches us to trust. To trust in our instincts, to trust in one another and to trust in the great unfolding. The art of improvisation is one of surrender and connection. There is no need to fear failure, for 'mistakes' lead us into the unknown, they surprise us and as we embrace them they become our greatest treasure. We learn to support others and in turn, we are supported. We get to lead and follow, to clear our minds and be present, to let go of expectation and embrace what is here now. We learn to listen and respond. We learn to laugh at ourselves. We learn to commit, to believe in what we're doing, to be invested but not attached. When we let go of control and allow something to be created in the space between people, that's when magic happens and we feel joy. Through improvisation, we learn how to do life.
Check back here for upcoming opportunities to train in improvised theatre in Chch, NZ.
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