Rapanui- the song of stone


This show comes from stone. The voices that come through are our star ancestors and the ones that walked the Earth many moons ago. They have a tale to tell, a tale that reaches to the stars and has a place on Earth. Myth, imaginings, song and physicality combine to carve out a cosmic story. Rapanui, the great sternpost, is gently guiding us home.

Rapanui- the song of stone is a one-woman show. Material was gathered in-situ from Rapanui (Shag Rock in Christchurch) and Rapa Nui (Easter Island in Chile). Lisa traveled to these places to collect inspiration from the stone, the history, the people, nature, the stars, past life recollections and from the sparks of her imagination. Both of these sites have connections to the Waitaha people of NZ. This work provides a crack through which we might see a new aspect of the history of Aotearoa and hear a voice that has been silent for long enough.  

Allan is a beautiful, generous and engaging presence- The Pantograph (2017)

Nomination: Outstanding Performer, 2017 Dunedin Fringe Festival

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