Out of the fire
Out of the mist
Out of the wind and snow
Hills and valleys, high and low
Ooooh, follow The Wisp


It's knocking on your window
Calling you to follow
Boys and girls you can't resist
Follow The Wisp
Ooooh, follow The Wisp

Follow The Wisp...

To another place
To a nether land
To another time
Follow hand in hand
The Wisp,

The Wisp is a family-friendly theatre show. It is more suited to children who are at school but younger children are very welcome and will surely enjoy the music and wonderful characters. The structure is set but the content is created through your suggestions!

The show includes live music, a visual artist and actors who will tell the story of a brave person who leaves the comfort of their everyday life to follow... The Wisp! 

The Wisp beckons... where will it take you?

Duration: 50 - 60 minutes


Sat Nov 2 & Sun Nov 3 | 2pm | $8 / $15

Little Andromeda, Christchurch

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Monday October 28, 6.30pm, $8/$16 (SOLD OUT)

Nelson Arts Festival |Brook Sanctuary

September, 2018

Ghost Light Theatre



With a focus on an adventure and creativity, the show is excellent for young inquisitive minds.  However the joy of watching improvisers battle with unorthodox suggestions and peculiar characters means the performance truly appeals to all ages. Don’t miss your chance to ‘follow The Wisp!’

-Jennifer Currie, Theatreview

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