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Wintergreen Creative is an investigation into connectivity and truth. The courses and treatments at Wintergreen Creative are designed to assist us as we journey forth into the great unknown.


We are at a very special time right now. We are on the cusp of the new. As we transition, we are, as a collective, undressing. We are releasing layers that we have carried throughout lifetimes on Earth and beyond. We are revealing our true selves more and more, day by day.


You are an exquisite being with unique gifts to share with the world. Now is the time to release the old and emerge as your most brilliant self. Now is the time to do what you came to this planet to do. You have all that you need to be all that you are, right now. None of us is alone in this.  Let us shine out together!


-With love and light, Lisa Allan

The Wintergreen Creative Dreamer-upper-er

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